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Episode Parodies

(thanks to Steve Jones, Daniel A. Glasser, Chris Kimball, John Trauger and Jon Shinkfield for episode title suggestions)

Season Five

Episode 502: "No Comparisons"
in which Lochley and a group of refugee telepaths arrive on the station and try to see which of them can annoy more people.
Episode 503: "The Very Spicy Flarn of Londo Mollari"
in which Londo gets a bad case of heartburn and spends the entire night afraid that G'Kar might decide to keep him company and read to him.
Episode 504: "Let Paragons be Paragons"
in which G'Kar keeps trying to get a publishing deal and Garibaldi tries to figure out why having a large group of rogue telepaths on the station makes him so nervious.
Episode 505: "A View from the Peanut Gallery"
in which Lochley shows up for an episode, and hires a couple of construction workers to keep the station running during an alien attack.
Episode 506: "When a Ranger Calls"
in which a new guy decides to take over the station by stealing some of Delenn's Rangers and she tries to make him give them back.
Episode 507: "Strained Relations"
in which Bester embarasses Byron in front of the other telepaths, Garibaldi and Lochley fight some more, and Delenn puts Londo and G'Kar on the "buddy" system.
Episode 508: "Secrets of the Spoo"
in which Dr. Franklin learns an alien spoo recipe, the All-telepath Choir cuts a new album, and Lyta has a frightening encounter with some obsessed "Altered States" fans.
Episode 511: "La Dia De Morden"
in which Penn and Teller visit Babylon 5 to warn Sheridan about the episode's mysterious author and some guest stars from past episodes return during an alien Mardi Gras.
Episode 509: "In the Kingdom of the Blithe"
in which Byron crashes an Alliance party, some more mysterious aliens attack and Londo learns that you don't have to be insane to run Centauri Prime but it helps.
Episode 510: "An Angst of Telegoths"
(originally titled "Kith and Kin")
in which the telepath problem gets worse and the mysterious aliens continue to attack, but G'Kar and Londo have tea and some really lovely biscuits.
Episode 512: "Manics Rising"
in which the mysterious aliens take a break from attacking, Bester tries to capture Byron, and Sheridan decides that maybe Garibaldi isn't so important to the scheme of things after all.
Episode 513: "The Ragged Edge of Night"
in which the mysterious aliens leave behind a witness, Garibaldi takes a trip to the Drazi homeworld, and Delenn gets a bizarre late-night phone call.
Episode 514: "The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father. Now Clean your Room!"
in which Bester trains some new recruits, a crazed killer stalks Psi Cops, and Garibaldi gets one last chance for revenge before the NBA break.
Episode 515: "Mediations Under Duress" Coming Soon! (for some value of "soon")
in which the Drazi start demanding answers, Sheridan tries to maintain plausable deniability, and Lennier gets a chance to prove how seriously he takes the second part of the Ranger slogan.
Episode 516: "Darkness, Ascending a Staircase"
in which Lennier buys Delenn a gift from the Mysterious Aliens gift shop, Sheridan starts getting suspicious, and G'Kar tries to convince Lyta that one cult leader is as good as another.
Episode 517: "To Dream, Perchance to be Torn Asunder"
in which the Warren Commission investigates the Mysterious Alien attacks, Garibaldi makes some more promises, and Londo's government tells him some more lies.
Episode 518: "Movements of Fire and Shadow in C Minor"
in which the Drazi try out Dr. Franklin's spoo recipe, Delenn and Lennier spend some quality time stranded in hyperspace, and we all suddenly realise that we have to wait all summer to find out what happens next.
Episode 519: "The Fall Fashions of Centauri Prime"
in which the Narn and Drazi bomb Centauri Prime until Sheridan shows up and makes them stop, and Londo discovers that working for the Drakh can be a real pain in the neck.
Episode 520: "We Love Fire"
(originally titled "The Alien Inside-out")
in which Garibaldi makes a bad career move, Lyta recites some poetry in the Zoccalo, and Sheridan comes to terms with his inner Vorlon.
Episode 521: "Objects in Motion May be Closer than They Appear"
in which Garibaldi and Lise get threatened, shot at and married; G'Kar gets worshipped, threatened and shot at; and Dr. Franklin doesn't get married, worshipped, threatened or shot at but leaves anyway.
Episode 522: "Objects at Risk"
in which Sheridan and Delenn move to Minbar, Lennier decides that 20 years is just too long to wait, and Londo gives their heir the gift that keeps on giving.
Episode 523: "The Unbearable Lightness of Sleeping"
in which Sheridan throws a dinner party, Lorien pops by for a bit, and JMS turns off the lights...

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