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Episode 503: "The Very Spicy Flarn of Londo Mollari"

Since it's Delenn's night to choose the angle of the bed, she's sound asleep when the phone rings. It turns out to be the Minbar temp agency calling to let her know that they're having a 2-for-1 sale on assistants this week, in case she'd like to follow Sheridan's lead and trade in Lennier.

Meanwhile, Zack won't let Londo have another drink until he pays his bar tab, so Vir distracts him while Londo samples some expensive whiskey, but it tastes so bad he breaks the bottle and then passes out before Zack can make him pay for it.

As they rush Londo to the ER, Lennier tells Delenn that he feels uncomfortable hanging around all the time now that she's married to Sheridan, so he's going to run away and join the circus.

Vir thinks Londo ate too much spicy food at dinner, but Dr. Franklin tells Garibaldi to tell Vir that it's just heartburn, but not until after he's already yelled at everyone for using too much pepper in the the flarn.

Dr. Franklin tries to explain to Sheridan that Londo's heartburn is so bad because he has two hearts, but Sheridan isn't really listening because he couldn't sleep last night and kept sliding down the bed. Then, Delenn shows up and tells Sheridan about Lennier. Sheridan makes a bad joke, so she talks to Londo instead, but he's still asleep. She wants to stay, but Sheridan wants to hurry back, so he can raise the foot of the bed, since tonight is his night to pick.

Dream-Londo is looking for Delenn, so he can borrow some money to pay Zack. Dream-Delenn won't loan him any money, but offers to play poker for it. Unfortunately, they can't because he got blood all over her cards. So, Dream-Londo decides to have drink, but Dream-Sheridan already drank everything and now he wants Londo to turn around. Dream-Londo refuses because he knows that Dream-G'Kar is behind him, waiting to say "Boo!".

Dream-Londo begs JMS to write some Alka-Seltzer into the script, but He doesn't, so Dream-Londo just lies on the floor until Dream-Vir shows up and starts yelling at him. He finally decides that anything would be better than this, so he turns around to face Dream-G'Kar. Dream-G'Kar doesn't say "Boo!", but he is upset about the bad review Londo gave his last book.

G'Kar goes to MedLab to see how Londo is doing, and since Londo is unconscious and can't complain, decides to read to him for awhile from his new book.

Meanwhile Dream-G'Kar is trying to get Dream-Londo to admit that he never even read the book he reviewed, but Dream-Londo doesn't say anything, even when he has to watch flashbacks from earlier episodes. Eventually, Dream-Londo admits that he didn't read the book, apologises to Dream-G'Kar and promises that he'll read ANYTHING if this dream will just be over.

Londo wakes up just as G'Kar finishes reading, and says he really enjoyed it, which surprises everyone. Vir is worried, until Londo starts complaining about the hospital food and Vir realises that he's okay.

Lennier tries to sneak away, but Delenn found the message he wrote on the bathroom mirror and comes to say goodbye. He tells her that he's going to stay away until she likes him better, but not to worry about his sad pathetic miserable existance and just to be happy with Sheridan, while he whithers away in the exile of his unrequieted love for her. She says okay and Sheridan shows up and hugs her as Lennier leaves.

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Episode 504: "Let Paragons be Paragons"

in which G'Kar keeps trying to get a publishing deal and Garibaldi tries to figure out why having a large group of rogue telepaths on the station makes him so nervious.

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Episode 502: "No Comparisons"

in which Lochley and a group of refugee telepaths arrive on the station and try to see which of them can annoy more people.

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