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Song Parodies


Song : "Crusade is Sunk"

Season Five

Song : "I Don't Like Mundanes"
by the Boomtown Teeps (episode 507)
Song : "I Am The Very Model of a Maudlin Martyr Telepath"
from the all-telepath production of "The Pirates of Penzance" (episode 512)
Song : "Psi Corps Anthem"
by Al Bester (episode 514)
Song : "Psi Cop Killer"
by the Thinking Heads (episode 514)
Song : "Come on Delenn"
by Dexy's Midnight Rangers (episode 515)
Song : "Creepy Vorlon Eyes"
by Lyta Alexander (episode 516)
Song : "Anarchy in the I.A."
by the Six Pistols (episode 517)
Song : "Keeper Who?"
by Drazsie and the Narnshees (episode 518)
Song : "I Serve the Drakh"
by Londo Mollari (episode 522)

Season Four

Song : "Where in the World is Mister Garibaldi"
by G'Karapella (episode 402)
Originally created for Garibaldi Fanz Online

Season Three

Song : "Turning Minbari"
by the Valens (episode 317)
Song : "Narns with Bats"
by N'Smith (episode 320)

Season Two

Song : "Shadow Man" New!
by Mr. Morden (episode 217)

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