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Foreshadowing... and backshadowing?

Season Four

Episode 401: "The Hour of the Big Bad Wolf"

Episode 402: "Where in the World is Mister Garibaldi?"

Episode 403: "The Summoning Sickness"

Episode 404: "Falling Toward Atropos"

Episode 405: "The Long Nightmare"

Episode 406: "Out of the Frying Pan"

Episode 407: "Breakfast at Epiphanes"

Episode 408: "The Elusion of Truth"

Episode 409: "Attainment"

Episode 410: "Raising Mars"

Episode 411: "Lies and Communications"

Episode 412: "Conflicted Interests"

Episode 413: "Rumours, Bargains and Videotape"

Episode 414: "Moments of Transmission"

Episode 415: "No Surrender, No Retreat, No Service"

Episode 416: "Exorcising Vital Prowess"

Episode 417: "The Faceless Enemy"

Episode 418: "Inquisitions in Surreal Time"

Episode 419: "Between the Cushions and the Sofa"

Episode 420: "En Passant"

Episode 421: "Rising Startled"

Episode 422: "Post-Modern Deconstructionalism of Falling Stars"

Season Three

Episode 302: "Conventions"

Episode 303: "Strife, The Universe, and Everything"

Episode 312: "A Late Delivery from Avalon Express"

Episode 315: "Interviews and Intimidations"

Episode 316: "The Neverending War"

Episode 317: "The Neverending War to End All Neverending Wars, Part Two"

Episode 319: "Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey 17?"

Episode 320: "Caught Between a Rock and a Hiding Place"

Episode 321: "Dances with Shadows"

Episode 322: "Za'ha'Doomed"

Season Two

Episode 202: "Revelation Number 9"

Episode 203: "The Geography of Shadows"

Episode 204: "A Distant Star Trek Convention"

Episode 212: "Axe of Sacrifice"

Episode 213: "Hunter, Gatherer"

Episode 214: "Word to your Mother"

Episode 217: "In the Valley of the Shadow of Z'ha'dum"

Episode 216: "Big Sharp Pointy Things"

Episode 218: "Concessions and Limitations"

Episode 219: "The Long, Dark Twilight Struggle of the Soul"

Season One

Episode 103: "Midnight Snack on the Firing Line"

Episode 102: "Soul Hunger"

Episode 104: "Stunning in Purple"

Episode 101: "Inflection"

Episode 108: "Satai Delenn and the Parliament of Dreams All-Stars"

Episode 110: "Mime War"

Episode 113: "Freshmacher"

Episode 105: "Make-believers"

Episode 111: "Survivalists"

Episode 114: "By Any Means Justified"

Episode 116: "Sins and Pretense"

Episode 119: "IPO"

Episode 109: "Growl"

Episode 122: "Ayes"

Episode 115: "Legalities"

Episode 120: "A Force from the Hinterlands"

Episode 121: "Another Force from the Hinterlands, Part Two"

Episode 118: "Babylon Squares"

Episode 117: "Equality of Mercy"


Pilot: "The Gambling"

TNT Movie 2: "Before the Beginning"

TNT Movie 1: "Weirdspace"

TNT Movie 3: "A River of Souls Runs Through It"

TNT Movie 4: "Call to Harm"

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