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Links to other Babylon 5 Humour Sites

Blind Man's "Useless Ideas"
A collection of assorted Babylon 5 cross-overs, as originally posted to the TNT Babylon 5 message boards.
Miguel Farah's "Bogus Episode List"
Parodied episode titles and synopses from every season of Babylon 5.
The "Babylon Park" Page
Hey, you got your South Park in my Babylon 5!
BackSlash's Babylon 5 Page
Song parodies, and more...
Vir's Babylon 5 Humor Page
Parodies from another TNT Babylon 5 regular.
Cronan Thompson's "Plain and Simple MSTings"
Babylon 5 gets the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment.
An assortment of parodies on an assortment of subjects.

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