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Season One

Crusade Episode 108: "The War Zone is for Loading and Unloading Only" Updated: 2 January, 2001
in which the Drakh stop by, a Senator shows us some stock footage, and Galen acts all mysterious.
Crusade Episode 107: "The Wrong Road" Updated: 2 January, 2001
in which Galen continues to act all mysterious, Gideon pops down to the pub, and an even more mysterious Technomage shows up.
Crusade Episode 106: "The City on the Edge of the Well of Forever" Updated: 17 July, 2000
in which we learn that Psi Corp has been replaced by something just as creepy, and Galen stops acting mysterious long enough to trick everyone into helping him fulfill the terms of his alimony.
Crusade Episode 109: "The Pathosaurus" Updated: 2 January, 2001
in which Dureena climbs a wall, Gideon rescues an alien therapist, and everyone has trippy flashbacks.
Crusade Episode 110: "Patents of the Solstice" Updated: 26 February, 2000
in which Gideon gets orders from Earth, Max gets orders from IPX, and they both pretty much ignore them.
Crusade Episode 111: "Raiding from the Tomb" Updated: 2 January, 2001
in which Lochley shows up and yells at some people, a crazy person hears voices telling him to blow things up, and we all experience a bit of deja vu.
Crusade Episode 112: "The Rules of the Gaim" Updated: 13 September, 1999
in which the Excaliber visits Babylon 5, Gideon and Lochley hang out together, and the Gaim aren't involved even a little bit (although we do see a few of them).
Crusade Episode 113: "Disappearances and Other Defeats" Updated: 2 January, 2001
in which Earthforce decides Excaliber needs a decorator's touch, the crew has some touching moments, and everything's a bit touch-and-go for a bit.
Crusade Episode 103: "Erasing the Nightmare" Updated: 19 August, 1999
in which Gideon has a nightmare, thinks he's Marlan Brando, and consults the 23rd century version of a Magic 8-ball.
Crusade Episode 102: "This Do In Memory of War" Updated: 2 January, 2001
in which Gideon ignores Galen's warnings, the crew goes insane, and Dr. Chambers invents something they used in an earlier episode.
Crusade Episode 101: "Sometimes the Needs of the Earth Outweigh the Needs of the Few" Updated: 13 September, 1999
in which Gideon picks a fight, Dureena frees some slaves, and they rescue an alien who would rather die than give up his record collection.
Crusade Episode 104: "Visitors from Down the Street and Across the Lane" Updated: 17 July, 2000
in which two government agents fight a conspiracy to prove that aliens exist and are among, ah, them.
Crusade Episode 105: "Each Night I Dream of Homicide" Updated: 17 July, 2000
in which Dr. Franklin drops by long enough to spread the plague, Gideon and Lochley go on another first date, and The Powers That Be pull the plug.

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