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"Keeper Who?"

by Drazsie and the Narnshees

to the tune of "Peek-A-Boo" by Siouxsie and the Banshees

Creeping down the backstairs
slinking into your cell
faces from out of nightmares
taking you to your own hell
they have their devices
you'll do what they want you to
living death under submission
they have got some plans for you

Keeper who? Keeper you!
Keeper who? Keeper you!

Shadows filled the night sky
power was yours, guaranteed
galaxies beneath your hand
you had your chance, can you understand?
You struck at the Shadows
sneering behind your smile
played their agent for a sucker
but now you pay for your betrayal. 

Keeper who? Keeper you!

Golly Jeeper
Where'd you get that keeper?
we know, Londo
It comes as no surprise. 

Buildings shake and shudder
our ships arrive full force.
"Now your world falls down around you
that's right you made your choice."
There's no one who can help you
you're left to face your fears
emperor and royal puppet
drowning in Centauri tears 

from Episode 518: "Movements of Fire and Shadow in C Minor"

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